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FRESH NAD+ arrives frozen in pre-loaded applicators and applied to room temperature iontophresis patches and applied to the skin . Then by thawing in room temperature or in your hand, you then apply the liquid NAD onto a battery operated Iontophresis Patch.


Activa Patches

holding up to 800mg

  • 2.5 hour

  • 4.0 hour 

  • 12 hour  

Apply NAD after thawing

Just pull a tab to activate battery!


Ionto Patches

holding up to 400-600 mg

  • 8 hour: Extra Strength

  • 14 hour: Sensitive Skin

-Holds up to 500-600mg

Add Saline to the "-" side (crescent moon) and Fresh NAD to the "+" side (circle) to activate battery!

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