7-14 Day
NAD Retreat
with Sober Companion

One of the keys to having a successful detox is to be in a comfortable and drug/alcohol free environment with support by a caring sober coach or companion. One such place is this beautiful Southern California location on the water in Carlsbad. This is a private home of a sober coach to ensure you the highest level of support and success.
Your Retreat Includes:
  • NAD+ support (IV AND/or Transdermal)
  • Private Bedroom and Meals
  • Neuro-Feedback (Daily)
  • Amino Acids and other Nutritional Supplements
  • Medication  support
On your retreat you will have access to: a pool, jacuzzi, sauna, paddle boarding, kayaking, walking trails by the water and you are just a few minutes drive to the pacific ocean.
Your sober companion/host will prepare for you healthy organic meals, assist you with your NAD program and any coordinating with your doctor, family or other members of your team.
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FRESH-ALIVE temperature stabilized NAD+

Brand new delivery system for NAD +-- results of IV NAD on transdermal patch! 

(not to be compared with NAD patches that are not made fresh and do not come frozen.)

Made by compounding pharmacy - Frozen to Stabilize – Shipped on Dry Ice